Undead Legacy

by Bewized

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Undead Legacy is the second full-length album by Greek groove metal band Bewized, released on 28 October 2013, through Noisehead Records. It was recorded at StelthSound / Red House Studios by Stelios "Stelth" Koslidis and Emmanouil Hermano Tselepis. The mixing and mastering were handled by Jon Howard (Threat Signal) at Woodward Avenue Studios in Ontario, Canada. In addition, Howard made a guest appearance on the second track, "Medusa's Head", while Björn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork contributed his vocals to "Heart Bled Dry".


released October 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Bewized Thessaloniki, Greece

Bewized is a four-piece groove metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece, formed in 2007. The band is currently signed to Noisehead Records and have released one demo EP and two studio albums; "The Scorch of Rage" through Casket Music in April 25th, 2011and "Undead Legacy" out October 28th, 2013 through NoiseHead Records. "Vindication" is their latest official music video. ... more

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Track Name: War I Wage
On thorns i lay
only ashes held up high
hounds are lurking for the prey
time to scream the battle cry!

Trumpets sound and the drums will pound
drenched in blood on this hostile ground
for this bride thousand ships launched i ride
under siege, call a truce or bring the fight

March the stampede, move!

My fury's loaded on this wooden vessel
a journey straight, in the mouth of hell

United we stand, divided we bleed
rebirth of a nation
a misguided herd, a whole deaf breed
meets annihilation
settle the score, march the stampede
in this war i wage, everyone will bleed


Brace yourselves, our catapults hauled
all the debris that you once called soul
bare their vulnerable heel, bring whole empire to kneel
and crown me king of this battlefield
Track Name: Medusa's Head (feat. Jon Howard from Threat Signal)
She bragged, that her skin was whiter
than the fresh fallen snow

She vaunted that her hair was brighter
than the sunshine's glow

Gazing directly upon her
turn onlookers to stone
become the hero who once dared
draw her head as weapon
condemned to dwell in the darkness
beauty can't see clearer
your arrogance brought out madness
look into the mirror

She blustered that her eyes were greener
than the deepest sea's lows

She boasted that her lips were redder
than the reddest rose

Gazing upon her..
Track Name: Pray Last Sin
Time pass by
seems i can't catch my breath in this downfall
i won't lie
cause i'm the one to walk the gallows pole

Burn me
cast the stone and
shed my blood for all to see

When chances have gone slim
and light burns dim
hold clenched fist on your heart
and pray last sin
lay ashes on my grave
a death supreme
with clenched fist on my heart
i pray last sin

Crossed the line
until the hangman's call, crowd rings it loud
so divide
only to swing ten feet above the ground

Burn me
cast the stone and
shed my blood for all to see
purge me
bare my soul and
cleanse the spirit to be free

You must be born again..
Track Name: Monster In Your Closet
Behold the miracle in every breath
in a single beat of heart, (bestowed)
bestowed upon creation

You cannot fake the texture of the flesh
the structure of the bone, (there is)
there is no innovation

I've gone too far to turn back now
i was only a dreamer, (you were only a sinner)
i've done too much to give up now
(i was only a dreamer), you were only a sinner

With eyes sewn shut and ears plugged, keep
if you sow in flames, ashes you'll reap
your vision is short; a masterpiece of failure
the monster in your closet

You hardly walk with barely covered heels
but you think we're on the verge of new frontiers
so come and beguile nature's course
and what comes around (comes around)
comes crushing and so much worse

I've tried to swallow, these force fed lies
did i deserve this, stare into those bloodshot eyes
you seem so hollow, and your halo disappear
confront reality before succumbing to your fear
Track Name: The Tempest
Cast, away the lingering lust
her face has drown in the past
this reminiscence
haunts you return

The circle-eyed will descend
fury of our maker’s hand
earth-shaker giant
drag the waters

Winds blowing
hopeless drifting
onwards to horizon's mouth

Feast on lotus, drink the wine
and see yourself turn to swine
a blind revenge won't calm
this agitation

Now look away, plug your ear
with wax so you won't hear
and tie to ship's mast
for obstruction

Sirens deceiving
it's their sweet singing
lure you to a doomed destruction

It seems the storm's approaching faster
not god's but man's disaster
instincts led us face extinction
a glimpse of dawn brings forth the tempest
tidal waves grow higher unrest
death blows off, now seek redemption
with cleansing

Walk, the pillars of death ades
meet scylla and charebdis
this beast exacts its toll
one per sailor

For seven years imprisoned
the beautiful nymph's treason
now prophecy's fulfilled
time to leave this shipwreck

Break loose of shackles
and lift the anchors
sail away the endless ocean

This decadence of human nature
has drown us in abyss
so pathetic
cause ignorance is bliss

The tables turned before our own eyes
and thus we cannot see
so apathetic
diminished to be
Track Name: Heart Bled Dry (feat. Bjorn "Speed" Strid from Soilwork)
Heart bled dry!

Trapped inside this labyrinth
a maze like hell and you can't go far
prisoner of your own myth
the one built for the minotaur

Been thrown unto the beast
how will i break free from captivity
became part of his feast
now I will end this, end this treachery

Seize your chance for our freedom
on these wings made of feather and wax
but behold the sun's kingdom
stay low on your tracks

Fly high (soar up but don't get too close to the sun)
desire (a cherished desire, could melt your wings apart)
the sky (the sky is a shelter embracing the heartless ones)
defy (vanity strikes and then your demise lands)

Heart bled dry
and left in this chest to rot
emptiness has filled my darken sky
a heart broken, a heart broken
will never again

Fly high
evade past afflictions
reach and transcend the sky
but thoughtless ambitions
run heart bled dry
Track Name: Crus|he|ader
the horde
stole my breath

Tighten fast
on wooden frame
split up! sever!

Death grips
while hope fades
the blade
sharp awaits

Angry mobs
rush to begin
tear up! sunder!

Open your mind before your mouth
and think before you speak
the voice gets stuck and your neck bound
so choose your words carefully

God gave us
one tongue and two ears to seek
so we could
hear twice as much as we speak

The mind goes blank..
the voice gets stuck..
Track Name: Judas Kiss
A stiff child
uncompromised and wild
he sets off on a plan
to travel far into wasteland

A famine strike
a drought nothing alike
his potency grows lame
so found no more reasons to stay sane
(he lost all reasons and gone insane)

The past evokes dead memories

Farewell, he said
to his brother
the earth to walk and seven seas
grieve me, no more
now father
all betrayed embrace the judas kiss

I can feel
(the cold sweat)
grip rope tight
(round my neck)
i am the flawed one
who went wrong
and strayed from the path-
etic weak
lost without
(my savior)
there won't be,
there will be not a single violin
you will die alone

Not a single violin
you will die alone

The past evokes dead memories
for thirty pieces of silver
cannot forget or forgive
price paid and justice delivered

I am the black sheep
not the forsaken
Track Name: Break Of Dawn
Her body lies in the shoreline
it's the ebb that killed the flood
while seasons wither
the autumn clouds are formed

A perpetual winter lies ahead
see the barren land's despair
this mourn brings no bloom
and an earsplitting whisper

I will roam all the length
and breadth of this earth
to bring your heart home
where it used to belong
when the dead leaves abandon
and relinquish that fall
i will call back their blossom
at the break of your dawn

You rouse in me desires
that could wake the maiden's lust
but you draw a midline
causing clefts between so fast

Now the thorns have grown big
from the seeds that we once sow
bigger than you could think
all the paths lost within snow (and i'm all alone..)

red rivers
or buried
in the sand
our dead skin
we become
Track Name: Vindication
Here comes to reclaim his throne
slayer of a thousand villain souls
crafted in oblivion
and forged to withstand and sustain loss
(withstand and sustain loss)

The world could not recognize
the face so disfigured he can't show
pretend, hidden in disguise
vengiance is what only matters now

Step back and taste my wrath
i dare you, beg to bring
you had your second chance
you blew it off, avow
my vindication

The man who can string the bow
and shoot through a dozen axe heads win
c'mon, join me in the row
prove me why should i count you in

You thrived like a parasite onto my wealth
and bred all your putrid tribe
stagnant be your filthy life, a carrion
buried with a race defiled

Face me or face extinction!